M U S I N G S   O F   V E S S A L




Our muse this month is Karla, co-founder of fashion brand Zulu & Zephyr and children's label Millk. There is nothing this amazing maker, creator and mum of three can't do. Karla and her family live in the beachside suburb of Suffolk Park in a peaceful, architectural home full of natural light, textural building materials and an abundance of beautiful pieces they have sourced and collected.




What inspires you?

 Old picture books and photographs, travel, peoples stories, people that are open to learn and pass on their learnings and open air.

What does home mean to you?

Home to me is comfort in my people and my space.  A curation of things we have thoughtfully chosen to fill our lives on a daily basis — a shell collected with my kids to linen bed sheets that have softened with the sun dry over the past three summers. Feeling the spirit of my kids joy fill every nook even when they aren’t home… that’s what home feels like to me.



What motivates and drives you?

I’m driven by creating beautiful and functional things, solving problems, and staying curious. How would you describe your style? Fashionably I am functional, classic and a touch daggy. When it comes to my home, I like it to be minimal and clean with a hint of nostalgia using plants and textures.

 What are some of your favourite Vessal Studios pieces and why were you drawn to them?

I love the Vessal Ceramics and their gloss finish. Something about them reminds me of the 80’s with their sheen, they feel special to me. The Pampa & Vessal Rugs are always classic too.




What do you enjoy most about life in the Byron Shire and can you share some of your favourite places to go?

Our lives revolve around nature — lots of surfing and time in the sun, eating seasonal local produce, and being out in nature. It's not so much about the places we go, more about the people who we share this part of the world with and being grateful to call this place our home. 

What's next for you?

A trip to Europe with my family, next year.